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Bacchus is a small wine bar located near the top of Russian Hill on Hyde Street between Green and Union. Cable cars lumber by while patrons inside enjoy fine wine, select beer, and saki. Bacchus is available for special events at the bar and also provides wines for private events.

   Small means super intimate, in a good way, when describing shoe-box sized Bacchus Wine and Sake Bar, a classy Russian Hill lair. It's not spacious, but what it lacks in space, it more than makes up for in style and atmosphere. Outside, the cable car rolls by on its journey along tree-lined Hyde Street to Fisherman's Wharf. Inside, dim lights, flickering candles, extravagant floral arrangements, and soft beats lull you into a state of luxurious ease. This romantic den is the place to bring the one you want to impress (but probably not on a first date).

This review was written by Sarah Sung at SF Wine Galleries.

Bacchus      1954 Hyde Street      San Francisco, CA 94109-2039      415-928-2633
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